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Ludowici roofs are crafted to last a lifetime and the underlayment and fasteners should be just as durable. Ludowici offers two types of specialized underlayments:

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Ludowici Pro 70 Underlayment provides superior roof deck coverage versus traditional felt underlayment. Ludowici’s Pro 70 is an SBS modified fiberglass reinforced & manually attached underlayment that provides superior roof deck coverage.  Used in lieu of felt or Type II base.  It does not curl or scuff.  Rubberized asphalt content creates a more pliable membrane, proving less susceptible to damage during installation.  Waterproof base for torch down APP, SBS & BUR system.  Paper wrapped packaging. Must be secured with 1” cap nails (part #PHO3200).




UltraStick-HT is a self-adhesive, SBS-modified, rubberized asphalt membrane.  The Ice & Moisture Block provides extra protection and prevents moisture penetration from windblown rain or ice damming.  Made for high temp applications.  No-slip polyester surface with a split back release for faster and easier installation.



Commercial and institutional customers may purchase a 10 or 20-year Shield Warranty covering the watertightness of the installation, when installed by a Ludowici Crown Roofer. To further qualify for a Ludowici Shield Warranty, the use of one of the above Ludowici underlayment materials and Ludowici stainless steel fasteners is required. To learn exactly how to qualify for our Shield Warranty, please visit www.ludowici.com/warranty for details.

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