Ludowici roofs are crafted to last a lifetime and the underlayment and fasteners should be just as durable. Ludowici Pro 70 Underlayment provides superior roof deck coverage versus traditional felt underlayment. It does not curl or scuff and its rubberized asphalt content provides a more pliable membrane, proving itself to be less susceptible to damage during installation and saving on installation time by laying smoother. Ludowici Pro 70 does not decompose like felt, providing a much more stable and long lasting underlayment for your new Ludowici roof.




  • Modifier: SBS Rubberized Asphalt
  • Reinforcement: Fiberglass Mat (Asbestos-Free)
  • Breaking Strength: MD 78 lb./in. ASTM D226, CD 57 lb./in.
  • Moisture Content: less than .4% ASTM D226
  • Weight Per Roll: 68 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 39 3/4″ w x 32′ 6″ l
  • Coverage Per Roll: 1 square Rolls Per Pallet: 36



  • Exceeds ASTM D226 Physical Requirements
  • Meets Class 1 Vapor Retarder as defined in the 2012/2015 International Building Code as tested per ASTM E 96
  • IAPMO ESR ER-487



Ludowici also offers a number of installation accessories such as hurricane clips, Quik-Tach brackets , and stainless steel screws. Contact Ludowici for more information about roof installation accessories.

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