Custom Color Development

Custom Color Development

For over a century, Ludowici craftsmen have created some of the most beautiful and unique terra cotta roof tiles in the country.  From gleaming glosses, to our patented multi-spray glazing techniques, to hand-crafted finish textures, Ludowici is the expert in creating custom color and surface textures. 

Mixing a custom glaze color is not like mixing a paint color.  Our ceramic engineers start with a basic formula and, based on the desired color, they mix, adjust, and fire different formulas to test each outcome. Then, those fired colors (glazes) are analyzed, adjusted, and mixed each time until the desired color formula is created.  

Like with all of our standard glaze colors, a range can be seen within the custom color.  This is a natural and desirable quality of working with terra cotta, creating depth and visual appeal that other materials can’t offer.  Custom colors are covered by our 75-year limited material warranty.

In addition to our standard texture offerings, our ceramic engineers can work with you to create a custom surface texture suitable for your tile.  When factoring in texture, be sure to note the surface of your tile can affect the final color. Whether you are trying to match a historic tile, want to combine a number of standard textures or create your own surface texture, Ludowici craftsmen will work with you to make your design vision a reality.

If you aren’t sure where to start with your project, consider visiting our Factory of Ideas and contact us to discover all the possibilities Ludowici has to offer.