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Why ludowici

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Ludowici roof tile plant. New lexington, oh

400 years ago, the Ludovisi family of Rome, Italy began producing expertly crafted clay roof tiles. By the late 1800’s, their descendant, Carl Ludowici, used this unique form of old-world craftsmanship in a roof tile factory of his own based in Chicago, Illinois. The popularity of his products led to the expansion of several factories, until Ludowici was eventually consolidated into a single facility in New Lexington, Ohio.

Today, Ludowici tiles are still made in New Lexington, Ohio and are revered worldwide for their distinctive look and sustainable, long-lasting beauty. With over 130 years of experience, Ludowici offers a broad range of color and texture options, allowing endless inspiration for architects, designers, and homeowners alike. For truly distinctive tiles that reflect the unparalleled beauty of the past with the technology of the present, look no further than Ludowici.

Why ludowici


All Ludowici terra cotta products have been proudly manufactured in the USA for over 130 years. Our world-class clay is meticulously crafted in New Lexington, Ohio with locally sourced materials just five miles away, ensuring Ludowici tiles are 100% made in the USA. Interested in learning more about how our tiles are made? Come tour our factory!

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For thousands of years, villages and cities of old-world Europe, Asia, and beyond have used clay roofing as a pillar of architecture and design. Inspired by this philosophy, we incorporate old-world craftsmanship with modern production technology to design equally enduring terra cotta products that stand the test of time.

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Ludowici tiles are more than just beautiful. They are backed by one of the best material warranties in the industry, and they are of the quality in the world. We give you peace of mind that your investment will last for many years to come, with a 75-year non-prorated material warranty, including color, on every tile we produce.

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Why Choose Ludowici

the ludowici difference

Since 1888, architects, designers, homeowners, universities, commercial, and government clients have turned to Ludowici for uniquely beautiful architectural terra cotta products that stand the test of time.  For truly distinctive tiles that reflect the unparalleled beauty of the past with the technology of the present, look no further than Ludowici.

Ludowici’s product line can be infinitely customized and handcrafted to the finest detail to match any color or fit any architectural style.  With over 50 standard designer colors and the ability to custom match almost any hue, our color capabilities are endless.


Our skilled craftsman can recreate a number of finish textures that authentically replicate the surface of age-old terra cotta tiles.  Many tile textures are applied by hand, allowing for a distinctive, handmade look. Custom pieces or accessories can also be commissioned for unique architectural details that take your roof to the next level.

Our commitment to quality has never changed, which is why we are one of the world’s most trusted sources for distinctive architectural terra cotta.  Ludowici’s products are made from 100% clay and manufactured without the use of: Petroleum-based materials, sand or silica, cementitious materials, unproven synthetic materials, surface sealers.

Many other manufacturer’s tile products, such as concrete tiles, require regular re-coating, painting, or chemical cleaning to ensure the longevity of their appearance and performance. Ludowici tiles are guaranteed to retain these properties for 75-years, requiring minimal maintenance.

We attribute the color retention of our products to a kiln-firing technique perfected over the last 130 years. Our tiles are fired at the extreme temperature of 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours to ensure the glaze has been properly fused onto the tile. This fusing process guarantees our color will not fade over time, no matter how harsh the climate. We back our color fastness with an unrivaled 75-year warranty on every Ludowici tile.

Ludowici has multiple solutions to fit a wide range of price-points.  When you compare the life-cycle costs of our terra cotta tiles to other roofing materials, we always come out on top.  Building owners work with Ludowici to determine the best tile options based on their project’s budget and roof system requirements.  Considering the lifetime use of our product, the value of your peace of mind is priceless. 

Every customer receives personal attention and every order is handled with a personal touch by our dedicated customer service, sales, and technical teams. Everyone at Ludowici works together to provide you with the support necessary to ensure your project is a success.


Dedicated Customer Service

Ludowici has a dedicated and experienced team of customer service representatives that can assist you with order entry, production scheduling, and order completion—ensuring your needs are met in a professional and timely manner.


Hands-on Technical Service

There’s no need to wonder if you have all the parts and pieces that make up a beautiful Ludowici roof. Our in-house technical team will assist in determining exactly what you need. Our team is comprised of engineers, ceramic engineers, and architects with vast product knowledge and industry experience to make getting you take-offs, tile identification, part drawings, modeling, or project estimates a breeze!


Logistics Team

Shipping Ludowici terra cotta materials, whether in the US or globally, is made easy by our on-site logistics professionals.  Ludowici’s shipping department has ample experience importing and exporting products from around the world, and the expertise to ensure our terra cotta products are adequately packaged and transported to their final destination.

At Ludowici, we hold ourselves to the highest standards,
and want those installing our products to do so too. That’s
why we created the Ludowici Crown Roofer program. To
qualify for the program, firms are fully vetted and trained
to ensure their dedication to quality and craftsmanship
meet our standards. Choose a Ludowici Crown Roofer and know the job is done by a qualified, trained professional.


Requirements include:
– Being nominated by a Ludowici sales team member
– Passing an in-depth credit inquiry
– Completing Ludowici’s Crown Roofer factory training
– Maintaining a minimum of two Ludowici factory-trained employees on staff


Note: Only Ludowici Crown Roofers can offer the
Ludowici Shield Warranty

There are six major key performance measurement categories when looking for quality tile:


Breakage strength & walkability; Extreme weather performance; Moisture absorbency; Mold & mildew resistance; Salt resistance; and Fire resistance


Ludowici exceeds each of these categories and is rated higher than any other tile on the market. Our products last a lifetime—even the harshest environments.


Every tile Ludowici manufactures is ASTM C1167 Grade 1 Certified.


Breaking Strength

The breaking strength of terra cotta roof tiles is a critical measure of how long you can expect your roof to last. Through superior raw materials, profile engineering, and our manufacturing process, Ludowici tiles are made to withstand more stress than any other clay tile products.  Because Ludowici terra cotta tiles have the strongest breaking strength in the industry, our tiles are very walkable–while many others crack under pressure.


Extreme Weather Performance

Ludowici tiles have the highest wind uplift capacity and weather performance due to their high air permeability, helping relieve wind stress during extreme weather events—like tornadoes and hurricanes. Ludowici tiles are:


  • Florida Building Code Approved
  • Miami Dade Approved
  • Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Approved


Lowest Moisture Absorption

Moisture absorption degrades all products, and every climate poses a risk of water damage—areas with heavy rainfall, exposure to coastal sea salt, or those experiencing freeze-thaw cycles causing structural stress. Ludowici tiles have the low water absorption rate of less than 2% with a Grade 1 rating, while others average 6-15%.


No Mold or Mildew

Roofing is susceptible to mildew, algae, and moss—all of which require professional cleaning on a regular basis.  High quality tiles with smooth surfaces and very low water absorption rates, like those produced by Ludowici, dramatically limit mildew, algae, and moss growth by preventing moisture from entering the clay body in the first place.  Thanks to our low moisture absorption rate, Ludowici tiles never require sealants or additives to enhance their performance.


No Salt Intrusion

Salt from coastal air can quickly be devastating to building products. In a more porous tile, salt crystals infiltrate open pockets then begin to expand & contract. Once sea salt permeates the clay body of a tile, it will fail.  With salt air being able to travel well over a mile inland from the coastline, you need the clay body of a Ludowici tile made to resist such complications.


Fire Resistant

One of the great benefits of terra cotta tile is its inability to burn. Many non-fire-resistant roofing products require expensive treatments to meet fire codes. With Ludowici tile, extra steps and added costs are eliminated and replaced by peace of mind. All Ludowici products are Class-A fire rated without special treatment when used in the proper assembly.

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