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Ludowici’s Factory of Ideas design center is a unique hands-on facility where visitors work one-on-one to curate their design with our team of experts.  Housed in a 130-year-old factory building, visitors can browse the entire Ludowici product line, experiment with colors, surfaces and blends, and build mock-ups at the correct pitch and proper orientation for their project.

Visitors study transitions, explore trim styles, and solve unique construction challenges with Ludowici experts all with full-size materials.  Once approved, your mock-up serves as a template for their project.

A tour of the Ludowici manufacturing facility can also be provided for visitors to see how our tile is made from start to finish and visit with Ludowici artisans at work.



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“The really great thing about the Factory of Ideas is that they have carts that roll in and out of the building, which simulate roof angles and help you better understand how light will impact the appearance of the tile.We took our tiles out on top of the carts, along with the accessory pieces.We were then able to stand back and see what our selections looked like in comparison to dozens of other samples.We went to the FOI expecting to find a second best option but found the perfect option instead. It’s like being in a candy store for architects because of all of the options, colors, and patterns that are available. We specifically went to the Factory of Ideas to match the historic shape, texture, and color of our tile for a restoration project. It’s much easier to make a selection, or even a precise visual match, with three-dimensional samples rather than with two-dimensional images on paper or a computer screen.”




“The Factory of Ideas is a valuable tool. You are able to see what the product looks like in an array of circumstances.You can see the tile in sunlight, from one angle to another. It’s truly a hands-on experience and you can see all the selections Ludowici offers. When it comes to picking tile you can’t shop online for it, you need to be face to face with it. You can put different tiles together and see if it works or not.“




“Going to the Factory of Ideas is a unique experience because it allows architects and clients to see, touch and feel all the different Ludowici tile options. All of the tile options and colors are there, beautifully displayed with great natural light. I think it has to be inspirational for architects and clients alike to see all of the possibilities for tile roofs.”




“It’s clear after going through the Factory of Ideas that Ludowici is not willing to sacrifice for automation and that they take great pride and care with their products. Because of the customization it’s a ‘must’ to go to the Factory of Ideas. Each product is different from the next.To know it is to see it and it’s worthwhile.”




“The Factory of Ideas showroom was fantastic, I was very impressed, it showed us everything that Ludowici carries and all the different varieties. We went there because my wife and I are in the process of building our house. It really helped us make our choice.”

Visiting the Factory of Ideas

The Factory of Ideas is open by appointment only, Monday-Friday 8 am-4 pm. We highly recommend visiting in the morning so that you will have plenty of time to work in the design center as well as to tour the manufacturing facility.

The Factory of Ideas is located at a working manufacturing facility and your safety is our first and foremost concern. When visiting, please wear closed-toe flat shoes as you will be required to wear steel toe shoe covers for your protection. You will also be required to wear safety vests, ear and eye protection.

The facility is located at 4757 Tile Plant Road, New Lexington, OH 43764. When you arrive, please follow the signs to visitor parking and check in at the front desk in the main office. Your Ludowici representative will meet you there and take you to the Factory of Ideas.