Hip & Ridge Systems

Hip & Ridge Systems

Beautifully detailed trim pieces are a signature element of a Ludowici roof.  From ornate and stylized, to clean and simple Ludowici offers a wide range of clay roof trim styles.  Our trim pieces are designed to be installed at the external intersections of roof planes, and compatible with all clay roof tile profiles.

#102/#206 Trim Group

Ludowici’s signature #102/#206 trim group has been adorning buildings small and large for over 130 years. Combined with Ludowici’s High Bump terminals, they make a statement of style and distinction. This is a universal group and can be used with all roof tile profiles.

Circular Cover Trim Group

The Circular Cover trim group is a clean, simple barrel trim. The same piece is used for either a hip or ridge. Used in Europe for centuries, the Circular Cover has an understated elegance that does not distract from the architecture and can be used with all Ludowici profiles.

V-Hip and Ridge Trim Group

V-Hip and Ridge trim is typically used with flat interlocking and shingle clay roof tiles. This creates a clean look that can be tailored to match the color, finish, and texture of the field tile.

#118/#211 Trim Group

The #118/#211 trim group has a refined and detailed appearance. Used with any of Ludowici’s flat clay roof tile shingles or interlocking roof tiles, this trim group adds style and character to the clean lines of flat terra cotta shingle tiles.

Bonnet, Aries and Rounded Ridge Trim Group

Bonnet hip rolls are inspired by the cottages and estates of rural England. These pieces nestle into the field of the tiles to give a seamless, more organic finish to the hips. The sprocket hip rolls provide a sharper edge to the hip roll, typically used with formal shingle tiles. Rounded interlocking ridge tiles are the companion ridge typically used with bonnet hips.

Historic & Custom Trim

Ludowici continues to produce numerous historic trim parts as well as custom trim parts. Contact a Ludowici representative for more detailed information about your specific needs.

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