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Ludowici welcomes roofing contractors of all terra cotta experience levels to apply for and attend a multi-day learning event in Dallas, Texas or New Lexington, Ohio. This includes a tour of the facility (Dallas Showroom, or Ohio factory), and a professional, hands-on installation training.
The F.I.T. Program was created for any roofing contractors interested in learning more about Ludowici, terra cotta products, proper installation techniques, and as a potential stepping stone to enter Ludowici’s exclusive Crown Roofer Program.
Upon completion, roofing contractors and installers will be given the status of Factory Installation Trained. Read the full program details below.


Crown Roofer Program Levels


The primary goal of Ludowici’s two-day technical training is to educate, equip, and enable roofing contractors to feel comfortable successfully installing terra cotta roofing products. It also serves as a potential entry point and stepping stone to enter Ludowici’s exclusive Crown Roofer Program.

By attending F.I.T. candidates gain:

  • Knowledge of the Ludowici’s rich history and innovative present through a tour of the historical terra cotta factory and showroom.

  • Network opportunities with key Ludowici corporate office and factory team members.
  • Hands-on Installation Training with our experienced training team.
  • Access to Ludowici marketing materials, future online trainings, support teams, and technical services.
  • 75-Year Material Warranty access.

Installers who successfully complete Ludowici's F.I.T. Program will receive:

  • Authorized Factory Install-Trained certificate
  • Electronic badge for website promotion

Requirements (Annual training to retain F.I.T. status)

A F.I.T. installer will have an opportunity to renew their credentials each year by successfully completing/participating in two of the following:

  • Online Product Offering Training
  • Online Installation Review/Webinar
  • Sales Order Process Review Webinar

The local Ludowici sales representative will work with the roofing contractor to ensure the annual renewal requirements are successfully completed and reported to the Ludowici team.


The F.I.T. Program candidates are led by experienced engineering and architecture professionals who are well versed in product knowledge, proper installation techniques, and experienced in industry and code installation requirements.


Contractors are responsible for a training fee plus travel expenses. Please see an updated registration form for pricing.

Travel Day (prior to training)

Arrival, Transportation, and Accommodations
Fly into John Glenn International Airport in Columbus, Ohio the day before training. We recommend that you rent a vehicle and stay in one of the following hotels: The Hampton Inn, Baymont by Wyndham, or Holiday Inn Express. All hotels are located in Lancaster, OH, a 30-minute commute to New Lexington.

Day One: Roofer Workshop

Day 1 – 8:30am – 5:00pm (coffee and pastries available at 8:00am)


8am: Arrival
4757 Tile Plant Rd. New Lexington, OH 43764

8am–8:30am: Welcome & Orientation
Learn the history of Ludowici, meet the contractors, get company overview and resources, and listen to presentation.

8:30am–9am: Ludowici Presentation
Overview of Ludowici, available resources and products for installers.

9am–10:30am: Factory Tour
Learn about the tile process, color blends, and why the Ludowici products are superior.

10:40am–11am: Ludowici Presentation (cont’d)

12:30pm–1pm: Presentation Continues through Lunch (lunch provided)

1pm–2pm: Factory of Ideas
(In-class Deck Prep/Underlayment Training)
Follow along in the installation guide for this comprehensive presentation on underlayments, fastening methods, and flashing basics.
2pm–2:30pm: Interlock Characteristics & Details

2:30pm–3pm: Hands-On Underlayment Installation Gain hands-on experience (up to 10 volunteers) preparing the deck and installing ice and water underlayment on a mock-up roof.

3pm–5pm: Hands-On Interlocking Tile
Gain hands-on experience (up to 10 volunteers) installing flashing, hips, and ridge details.

5pm–6pm: Depart for Hotel

Welcome, Objectives for the training, Introductions, Why Ludowici, Why Clay Tile

Overview of Ludowici Manuals
Product Families, Common Elements

Introduction to Interlocking Tile

Layout & Hands-on Introduction


Hands-on #1: 16” Interlocking Tile Installation

Hands-on #2: French Tile Installation

Lunch, questions, review (w/time for break)

More on Layout & Hands-on Introduction

Hands-on #3: 14” Interlocking Tile Installation & Layout


Underlayment & Intro to Shingle Tile

Hands-on: #4: 12” Shingle Tile

Resources/Tech Services

Review objectives, questions

Day Two Training

Day 2 – 8:30am – 3:00pm (coffee and pastries available at 8:00am)


8am–9am: Shingle & Barrel Characteristics
& Details
Gain hands-on experience (up to 10 volunteers) installing field tiles on dormers, hip, ridge, valley, and more.

9am–Noon: Hands-On Installation Training

Noon–12:30pm: Lunch (provided)

1pm–4pm: Hands-On Installation Training (cont’d)

5pm: Depart for Hotel/Airport
From the Factory back to John Glenn International Airport you will need a minimum of one hour and fifteen minutes for your drive time and to drop off your rental vehicle. We recommend flights in the early evening hours (after 6pm or the following morning).


Review Day 1 & Plan for Day 2
Facility Tour (Showroom or Factory) – see the possibilities



Hands-on #4 continued – Shingle Tile & Chimney Flashing Demo

Classroom – Introduction to Barrel Tile Manual


Hands-on #5 – Barrel Tile (Spanish)

Lunch (w/time for break)


Hands-on #5 cont’d – Barrel Tile (Spanish)



Hip & Ridge Options

Additional Opportunities with Ludowici

Review & Wrap up, Next Steps

Ready to become a F.I.T. installer?

Contact your local sales representative for more information.

Ready to become a F.I.T. installer?
Contact your local sales representative
for more information.

How To Apply

Reach out to your local sales rep. or click the link below to fill out our online application.