Ludowici Team of Experts

Ludowici Team of Experts

Ludowici’s long history of leadership in terra cotta tile can be directly attributed to our dedicated staff. We have a team of experts ready and willing to assist you to make your project a success. Many Ludowici experts have decades of experience in their area and know some of the most common challenges customers face when choosing and ordering their new roof. They are ready with answers and always up to the challenge each new project brings. Here are just some of the ways Ludowici can assist you with your new roof:


Ludowici Technical Team

  • Material Estimates
  • Roof Take-Offs
  • Historic Tile Identification
  • Curved and Non-linear Roof Scanning for Tapered and Graduated Tile Creation
  • Roof Tile Installation and Repair Training

Ludowici Ceramic Team

  • Color Identification
  • Multiple Color Blend Creation
  • Custom Color Development
  • Surface Texture Creation
  • Custom Decorative Accessory Design

Ludowici Customer Service

  • Tile Sampling
  • Order Management
  • Shipping Options


Ludowici team of experts