Testimonials – Happy Customers

Testimonials – Happy Customers

We pride ourselves on customer service

Carrying on a tradition of old-world craftsmanship, the team at Ludowici prides itself on delivering beautiful products and exceptional customer service.

Jordan Koppl, Property Developer

" Actually visiting Ludowici was so impressive! You really helped us narrow down the color choices and we really feel like we have good options.

Joel C. Cluskey, Architect

" It is always inspiring and encouraging to find quality companies manufacturing such quality products here in the United States and I hope we can be working together soon on another project requiring these products!

Frank and Cindy, Homeowners

" Cindy and I want to thank your team for the hospitality you provided us during our visit to the Ludowici tile plant. A special “thank you” to your ceramic engineer for taking time and allowing us to tour the plant. It was simply amazing to see all of the various processes and hand craftsmanship to create such a quality product.

James Simeo, Architect

" I am just getting around to thank you for the great tour and all the time you spent with me on my recent trip to your showroom. When I got back to the office I was telling a bunch of folks about Ludowici and learned that we actually have specified your product on a large school of medicine project in Texas....so that was good to know!

Todd Hetz, Roofer

" It’s clear after going through the Factory of Ideas that Ludowici is not willing to sacrifice for automation and that they take great pride and care with their products. Because of the customization it’s a ‘must’ to go to the Factory of Ideas. Each product is different from the next. To know it is to see it and it’s worthwhile.”

Jennifer and Keith, Homeowners

" Keith and I wanted to send you a very sincere thank you for the help you’ve provided thus far with our home project. We’ve really appreciated your quick action with regards to reaching out to your sales force to provide additional photos and project information. Our day with the Ludowici sales representative will prove to be invaluable to us for selecting the exterior of our home.