Barrel Roof Tile

Barrel Roof Tile

Barrel Roof Tile

Ludowici offers a wide range of barrel roof tiles, so called because of their convex, barrel-like shape. Our barrel roof tiles are divided into two varieties based on their historic design origin Spanish roof tile and Mission tile .

Spanish Roof Tile

Spanish roof tile, the most popular profile in Ludowici’s product line, is prized for its simple, one-piece barrel design which provides a pattern of distinctive ripples across the surface of a roof. Often synonymous with clay roof tile, Spanish roof tile enhances virtually any style of architecture.

Mission Tile

Ludowici Mission tile faithfully matches authentic Italian, French and Spanish architecture as well as Southwestern Mission design. High profile barrels create distinctive shadows that change the look and feel of the roof as the sun moves in the sky making a striking statement of texture and style. The covers can be laid in straight rows or staggered and mortar boosted to produce a more rustic look.

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