Graduated & Tapered Tile

Graduated & Tapered Tile

Crafting tile to fit curved roofs has been a specialty of Ludowici’s since the late 1800s.  To accommodate the geometry of a curved roof, Ludowici artfully tapers the tile to become progressively smaller from bottom to top.

After a thorough jobsite visit from our technicians, these graduated tiles are custom measured to fit your specific roof.  With these detailed field measurements, Ludowici craftsmen can design patterns & molds for each row of tiles.  Ludowici can craft graduated tiles to match all of our tile profiles, including decorative finials.

With a consistent rafter length and roof slope, any of our profiles can be designed as a graduated tile ensuring a uniform look across the roof planes on your project.

Graduated Tile


Tower Tile

Tower tile is a tapered pan and cover system designed to be installed on cones with straight rafters and can accommodate a variety of rafter lengths and roof slopes.  Tower tile is offered in three different sizes, each able to accommodate a range of rafter lengths:

  • 14-1/4” tower tile accommodates cones with rafter lengths from 48” to 90”
  • 16” tower tile accommodates cones with rafter lengths from 91”-157”
  • 18” tower tile accommodates cones with rafter lengths from 158” to 240”

The rafter length and roof slope of the cone must be consistent. Ludowici’s Technical Team can assist you with any questions you may have about your unique roof situation.

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