NeXclad is the next generation of economical, small-format terracotta wall cladding products from Ludowici. Manufactured in Southeast Ohio at the Ludowici plant from locally sourced raw materials, this small module terracotta tile comes standard with a  75-year material and color warranty.

1 yr
Material Warranty
1 +
Standard Colors Available
Standard texture/profile types available

NeXclad True

NeXclad True is the newest terracotta cladding solution from Ludowici. Designed to install with a flush surface texture, this small module terracotta cladding offers…
NeXclad True is the newest terracotta cladding solution from Ludowici. Designed to install with a flush surface texture, this small module terracotta cladding offers…

NeXclad Shingle

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Dirt PNG 2048x1367 1
Dirt PNG 2048x1367 1

NeXclad Colors

Terracotta by its very nature is warm, earthy and inviting. Enhancing the natural qualities of terracotta by  applying a glaze mixture prior to firing can create spectacular colors unable to be replicated on other building materials.

Creating the color of a terracotta tile is part science, and part art. A natural range of tones is a feature within any given color. The range of tones that arise from the manufacturing process is a normal and very desirable feature of natural clay tile—imparting richness, character and a dimensional appearance to the installed product

The high temperature firing process used at our manufacturing facility produces vibrant colors that do not fade, spall, effloresce, or significantly change over time. Our color glazes are kiln-fired at extreme temperatures during production, fusing the color into the tile and ensuring that the original tones and hues are retained for generations. This is why include color in our industry leading 75-year material warranty.

We pride ourselves in our long history of color mastery and being recognized as an industry expert in glazed terracotta tile. With over 50 designer color blends and the ability to custom-match nearly any hue, the color possibilities are endless.

Impressionist Series

The Impressionist Series utilizes two to three complementary shades applied randomly over a base color to create a unique patina for a designer color palette. Standard blends can be selected, or custom blends can be created using varying percentages of Impressionist Series colors.

Custom Color Development

Our expert ceramic engineers have developed an impressive array of standard design colors over the years, and even more impressive, hundreds of custom colors—all to meet the needs of design professionals around the world. They work hand in hand with architects, designers and building owners to not only create beautiful custom colors, but also color blends and designs, mixing hues to create a subtle, or dramatic, one-of-a-kind statement.

Mixing a custom glaze color is unlike mixing a paint color—there are different techniques and skill sets that must be applied. Our ceramic engineers build off of a basic formula, then mix, adjust, and fire multiple trials to test each formulation’s outcome. Those fired colors (glazes) are analyzed, adjusted, and mixed time and time again until the desired color is developed.

In addition to our standard texture offerings, our ceramic engineers can work with you to create a custom surface texture suitable for your tile. When factoring in texture, be sure to note the surface of your tile can affect the final color appearance. Whether you are trying to match a historic tile, want to combine a number of standard textures or create your own surface texture, our craftsmen will work with you to make your design vision a reality.

Custom Textures

Our skilled craftsmen can recreate a number of textures that authentically replicate the surface of age-old terracotta tiles. Custom textures can be applied to match historic applications or to meet your specific design aesthetic. Surface textures can create unique effects with colors by varying light reflectances from the tile and reduce glare. Many tile textures are applied by hand which allows each clay tile to have a unique, handmade look. Textures can be combined to crate a unique appearance or we can work with you to create a new custom surface texture.

*Note: Not all textures are available on each tile profile

Product Benefits

Quality Assurance

Available in (2) formats, a variety of surface textures, and boundless color possibilities, NeXclad is the go-to solution for exterior and interior design realizations. A variety of terracotta corner tiles are available with exact field tile color matching for a harmonious building envelope.

The first of the two formats, our overlapping shingle, can be installed directly to wall sheathing or in a rainscreen framing application. Our second format, NeXclad True, is designed to be installed as a sleek streamlined flush tile.

  • 75-year material warranty, including color
  • ASTM C67 Rated
  • Florida Building Code approved*
  • Miami-Dade approval for wind uplift resistance*
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • ASTM C67-07A Breaking Load Test (passed)
  • ASTM C67-07A Efflorescence Test (passed) 
  • ASTM C67-07A Freeze Thaw Test (passed)
  • ASTM C67-07A Water Absorption Test (passed)
  • Warm, all-natural material provides superior aesthetics and unlimited design options
  • Variety of colors, textures and sizes
  • Color permanent facades
  • Sustainable material, designed to last 100years
  • Low Maintenance-does not require painting, caulking or repointing
  • LEED SS Credit*- Heat Island Reduction; 1-2 points for LEED approved colors that meet an initial SRI > 39 or a 3 year aged SRI > 32
  • LEED MR Credit-Building Product Disclosure and Optimization; sourcing of raw materials
  • LEED MR Credit – Materials Ingredients; Cradle to Cradle certified for material health, material reutilization, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship and social fairness.

*Only for roofing application


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