NeXclad True

NeXclad True is the newest terracotta cladding solution from Ludowici. Designed to install with a flush surface texture, this small module terracotta cladding offers design professionals the durability and customization capabilities of a NeXclad clay tile with the sleek streamlined look of a flush panel. NeXclad’s ease of installation provides an extremely economical classic cladding solution, while providing limitless color options to realize a building’s design aesthetic.  NeXclad True is currently available in an 12”x 8” tile module and Classic surface texture with a 75-year material warranty.
Characteristic Specifications
weight per square Weight Per Square 815 lbs.
pieces per square Pieces Per Square 150 pcs.
overall sizeOverall Size 11-3/4" x 9-1/2"
exposureExposure 11-7/8" x 8"

Wall Cladding Details

NeXclad True Iso View


NeXclad True is available in a single through-body color, various glaze colors, and a variety of glaze application techniques. Ludowici also has custom color capabilities to meet your design needs.


Ludowici’s NeXclad True wall cladding comes in the following textures.

  • Smooth (Classic)
  • Weathered
  • Custom

Testing & Certifications

  • ASTM C1167 Breaking Load Test – Glazed

  • ASTM C1167 Efflorescence Test – Glazed

  • ASTM C1167 Freeze-Thaw Test – Glazed

  • ASTM C1167 Permeability Test – Glazed

  • ASTM C1167 Thermal Shock Resistance Test – Glazed

  • Wind Load Test over Armoroc

  • Wind Load Test over Plywood

Samples & Pricing

1. Horizontal Module
framed Wall Detail
solid wall Detail
2. Jamb Detail
framed Wall Detail
solid wall Detail
3a. Outside Corner – Re-entrant metal trim
3b. Outside Corner – mitered tile-small arrow metal trim
3c. Outside Corner – arrow metal trim
3d. Outside Corner – mitered tile, knife blade metal trim
3e. Outside Corner – terracotta corner tile
4. Inside Corner
5. Wall Termination
framed Wall Detail
solid wall Detail
6. Base of Wall
framed Wall Detail
solid wall Detail
7. Typical Wall Section
framed Wall Detail
solid wall Detail
8. Sil Section
framed Wall Detail
solid wall Detail
9. Head Section
framed Wall Detail
solid wall Detail
10. Coping Section
framed Wall Detail
solid wall Detail

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