Crown Roofer Program


Crown roofer program


This level is considered the top-tier class of Ludowici installers and “Level 2” of the Crown Roofer program. Achieving Elite status means enjoying all of the incentives of the Crown Roofer program with access to added benefits. This prestigious achievement means that you are considered the best of the best, do a high volume of Ludowici installations, and rise to the top. The Elite Crown Roofer level comes with its own unique branded logo that recipients can proudly display as a stand-out badge in marketing efforts. Read the full overview below.

Crown roofer program


Ludowici created this program to ensure that our terra cotta products are installed professionally, accurately, and in accordance with the highest standards possible. The goal of the Crown Roofer Program is to facilitate a partnership between Ludowici and high-quality, experienced installation contractors in good financial standing with a proven track record of Ludowici architectural terra cotta product installations. The program offers incentives to which both parties benefit. Upon completion of rigorous training and evidence of good standing, roofing contractors and installers will be eligible for Crown Roofer status. Read the full overview below.


Crown roofer program
Crown roofer program


The title Crown Roofer is more than a program name. As Ludowici works on marketing, selling, and delivering projects with our Crown Roofing partners, it is becoming clear just what sets the best of the best Crown Roofers apart from their competition.

Obtaining the status of a certified Crown Roofer signifies:

  • A higher level of commitment to the trade and specialty. 
  • Understanding of the value associated with quality materials.
  • An ability to easily communicate the competitive difference.
  • Commitment to work harder and smarter to earn the trust and respect of your customers, peers, and partners.
  • Pride in performing the highest quality of work when installing the world’s finest terra cotta materials, setting
    a high customer service standard.

As a member of the exclusive Ludowici Crown Roofer Program, roofing contractors can leverage and utilize the Ludowici brand through:


  • Ludowici lead generation
    and opportunity sharing.
  • Access to the authorized Crown Roofer
    logo to use as a badge for your company’s
    qualification into this prestigious program.
  • Leverage of the Ludowici Brand, including our
    brand guide, company and program logos for
    use on your company’s marketing material, as
    well as access to Ludowici’s vast portfolio of
    professional marketing pieces and literature.
  • Unlimited access to Ludowici’s technical support teams that can provide services such as material take
    offs, AutoCAD detail assistance, installation training and guidance, installation review (via shared photography), formal written proposals, tile testing, etc.
  • Access to additional in-person and online training (at no charge), with management team program managers available for assistance as needed.
  • 75-Year Material Warranty
  • ZW material overruns at discounted prices.

Requirements to get in program

The Crown Roofer Program is for experienced steep-slope tile/slate
installers who meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of Ludowici’s F.I.T. Program
  • Pre-screened and successfully applied to join the program
  • History of successful Ludowici project installs
  • Invited to and completed the Crown Roofer Onboard Training

Requirements to remain in program

To remain in good standing within the program, Crown Roofers are required to participate in and complete the following annual obligations to keep them well versed in Ludowici products and installation guidelines.

  • 100 Square Minimum Purchase
  • 2 Online Trainings
  • 1 Email/Social Media Campaign or 1 Project Case Study Participation


Those at the prestigious Elite Crown Level are considered the best of the best, do a high volume of Ludowici installations, and rise to the top. Level 2 Elite Crown Roofers have access to added benefits while getting to enjoy all the same benefits as Level 1 Crown Roofers.

In addition, the Elite Crown Roofer gains:

  • Unique branded logo/badge for marketing efforts
  • 75-Year Material Warranty
  • Seat on Ludowici’s Crown Council Advisory Panel
    • Yearly meetings in Elite Advisory role
    • Benefits being Elite level is you are given a seat on the Crown Council which will be comprised Elite Level Crown Roofers
    • Once a year, the Crown Council will participate in a 1-2 day strategy meeting with the Ludowici Crown Roofer Program teams in a remote destination to review the program in entirety and continue to refine and evolve it based on recommendations from the Crown Council
    • Crown Council will have significant influence on the program and it’s growth

Requirements to remain in program

The Crown Roofer Program is for advanced steep-slope tile/slate installers who meet the following requirements:

  • 250 Square Minimum Purchase
  • 2 Online Trainings
  • 1 Email/Social Media Campaign or 1 Project Case Study Participation
Crown roofer program
Crown roofer program


Ludowici’s Material Warranty is a 75-year limited warranty, including color, is valid on new tile for completed projects produced and sold from Ludowici’s factory in New Lexington, Ohio, provided that such tile is not being installed and blended with existing terra cotta tiles. Our 75-year limited warranty is provided at no additional charge with the purchase of new terra cotta tile. The terms and conditions of our 75-year limited warranty are outlined at

Want To Be a Ludowici
Crown Roofer?

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