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R.B. Hash & Associates

Established in 1991

R.B. Hash & Associates

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8619 Derrington Road

Houston, TX 77064


(713) 463-9800


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R.B. Hash & Associates

Proactive Systems and Quality Products to Protect and Maintain your Structure.

Houston based R. B. Hash & Associates, Inc. is a roofing, sheet metal, and waterproofing contractor serving the commercial, industrial, and residential markets. In an ever-evolving industry, R. B. Hash & Associates, Inc. stays at the forefront by being proactive in finding cutting-edge systems and quality products for our clients.  Founded in 1991, R. B. Hash & Associates, Inc. is a family owned and operated company, firmly rooted in traditional values.

With projects spreading across Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Florida, and Alabama, R. B. Hash & Associates, Inc. approaches new clients and project challenges as an opportunity for growth. Our commitment to quality and our relentless pursuit of industry knowledge have been the principles driving our success. R. B. Hash & Associates, Inc. provides our clients with an unparalleled experience, setting us apart in the construction industry.

R. B. Hash & Associates, Inc. employs a highly skilled and specialized team on each project, to ensure safety and quality assurance.