2017 Ludowici Bronze Award for Commercial Roofing

A vibrant and growing resort at the turn of the century, the train station at Lake Hopatcong opened on May 28, 1911 featuring a brilliant green terra cotta roof from Ludowici. As rail service declined over the decades, so did the condition of the station and in 1970 it was sold. The station housed businesses for the rest of the 20th century and then was abandoned until 2014 when it was purchased by the Lake Hopatcong Foundation. The foundation raised money to restore and renovate the building for use as its headquarters and community center for Lake Hopatcong.

In fall 2014, the foundation contacted Ludowici to begin the restoration process. The original tile roof had been replaced by asphalt shingles. From photos and salvaged tile, Ludowici was able to identify the tile as T12 Spanish, a thick one-piece historic S-tile. Brookville Green, a traditionally used historic color was chosen and tile and accessories were order in late fall 2016. The roof installation was completed in 2017.