Built in the Salad Bowl of the World, this new high school embodies the working heritage that helped build the valley and is grounded in the industrial aesthetic of the barns, greenhouses and steel processing structures with antecedents in the 19th century steel frame construction of the Spreckels Sugar Factory. Materials include recycled content and recyclable materials -steel superstructure, metal studs, metal ceilings and metal siding. The clay tile roof uses copper flashing and is expected to be maintenance-free and last a century or more. The appearance is consistent with the industrial aesthetic, is beautiful, has extremely low maintenance requirements and is durable with a very long serviceable lifespan. The project uses over 150,000 sq. ft. of tile. The building design minimized the need for foot traffic over a very large area of roof tiles during construction and for maintenance or repairs by incorporating the following features:
  • Located roof mounted equipment in mechanical towers
  • Utilized copper flashing and aluminum gutters to maximize serviceable life of components integrated with roof tile installation.
  • Specified high performance and quality aluminum frame clerestory windows to minimize need for service.