Chimney Pots & Wall Copings

Chimney Pots & Wall Copings
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Make your chimney a focal point with a chimney pot!  Ludowici offers partner terra cotta chimney pots and wall copings. More than 45 styles to choose from or create a  custom design to achieve your desired look.

Finish off your facade with a beautifully designed wall coping. Available classic standard shapes:  Double Slant, Camel Back, Streamline, and Single Slant.  All styles come in 9″ and 13″ to fit most block walls.  Double Slant is also available in 18″.   Wall copings are available in Classic Salt Glaze and additional Customized Glazes.

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Chimney pots & wall copings



Chimney Pots & Wall Copings Roof Tiles
Chimney Pots & Wall Copings Roof Tile
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