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A roof tile fastener should last as long as the roof tile you’ve chosen. Copper nails are the perfect fastener for your new Ludowici tile roof.  Ludowici stocks 2” and 2 ½” copper ring shank nails that can easily be added to your tile order. These American-made nails are non-ferrous and feature a 10-gauge shank to resist bending. They are packaged in convenient, installer-friendly 5-lb and 30-lb boxes. Each 30-lb box contains six (6) 5-lb bags for easy distribution throughout your project site. They can be shipped with the tile or straight to the customer’s office or shop location.     Copper nails   Smooth shank nails and other lengths are also available upon request and can be ready to ship in around 2 weeks.   Copper nails
Copper Nails Roof Tiles
Copper Nails Roof Tile
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