Quik-Tach Brackets

Quik-Tach Brackets
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Ludowici’s Quik-Tach bracket is the quick, efficient and concealed method to replace a broken or damaged tile. Quik-Tach brackets are manufactured from 22 gauge stainless steel and are available in four sizes to coordinate with the Ludowici roof tiles described in the table below:


Quik-tach brackets



Quik-tach brackets

Align Quik-Tach bracket on the back of the replacement tile so that
the bottom step edge is at the correct head lap. Wire the bracket to
the replacement tile with copper wire.


Quik-tach brackets

Remove broken pieces of tile and using a slate ripper, remove
existing nail or screw fastener.


Quik-tach brackets

Lift the tile in the course above and slide the replacement tile into
place so that the bracket engages the top of the tile below the


Quik-tach brackets

Job complete! No exposed straps or fasteners


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Quik-Tach Brackets Roof Tiles
Quik-Tach Brackets Roof Tile
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