Factory Tour of Ludowici: Featured on build™

Posted On: September 14, 2022

The Build Show Network with Brent Hull

Join Brent Hull as he takes a tour of Ludowici’s historic manufacturing facility in New Lexington, Ohio. 

Brent Hull

Brent Hull is the owner and founder of Hull Millwork and is passionate about beautiful architecture and the art of timeless building. Brent enjoys working with his hands and has always loved building. In Boston, he studied historic preservation at the North Bennet Street School, one of the oldest trade schools in the United States. It was here that Brent learned the art of traditional building. Brent then settled in Fort Worth with his wife and opened his business in his brother’s garage, a 1911 bungalow. Over the next 23 years Brent combined his passion for restoring buildings along with his love of craftsmanship to build a business that focuses on preservation as well as historically inspired houses and millwork.

Factory tour of ludowici: featured on build™


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