Fireproof your home

Posted On: September 27, 2021

Fireproof your home

Have you recently found yourself asking: What materials can you fireproof your home with? What roofing materials are fireproof? How to fireproof your roof? Well, you’ve come to the right place! After record and growing numbers of fires throughout the U.S., homeowners like you have been faced with building restrictions to only include and use materials that are considered fireproof.

Your roof is the most vulnerable part of your home, especially during a fire. Materials like shakes and shingles are at highest risk of catching fire and contributing to the destruction of your home, and those around it. Many non-fire-resistant roofing products—like wood shakes, cedar shakes, synthetics, or shingles—require expensive treatments that often have a short lifespan to meet fire codes. And once having caught fire, they peel off and are lifted downwind continuing to fuel further devastation.

Why take the risk with anything but a fire-resistant roofing product? One of the greatest benefits of terra cotta tile is its inability to burn. You can fight fire from the top down with Class A fire rated, non-combustible terra cotta roof tiles and underlayment from Ludowici. Along with our 40+ standard profiles, we have terra cotta wood shake alternatives that replicate the appearance of a new shake roof. And, if preferred, our skilled craftsmen can add warping to get the custom worn, aged look of a years’ old wooden roof—without the wait!

Let our terra cotta roof tiles eliminate the extra steps and added costs to provide peace of mind, superior aesthetic, increased value, and a 75-year material warranty (including color) to last you a lifetime.

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