The Sylvester House was originally built in 1931-32, and additions added on in 1945-46. This is a very large residence hall for women. Ludowici met Principia’s highest standards and delivered a high performance, quality, grade 1 material in the profile and colors that matched the original Maybeck designs from 1946. The most challenging part of this project was being able to closely match Bernard Maybeck’s vision of a custom four-color blend. Once matched, the installer’s painstakingly matched the originally specified color transitions that were designed to be darker at the eaves and move to a lighter color at the ridge. Being able to maintain the blend and the transitions across the various roof conditions, gables, dormers, and various heights added to the challenge, but in the end, the result is breathtaking, and the College is proud to pay tribute to Maybeck, and his legacy lives on.

Distributor: Roofers Mart, St. Louis