New 2023 Idea Book

Posted On: November 14, 2022
The new Ludowici Idea Book is here!

We are pleased to announce the official release of the new 2023 Ludowici Idea Book, available online now!

This soon-to-be printed cocktail table book was designed to highlight major projects as a “Lookbook” resource guide with a goal to inspire and tell the story behind several high profile projects utilizing Ludowici tile in a variety of ways. Showcasing singular projects over multi-page spreads, we focused on displaying the project architecture and design environment as a whole, and how the roof is a large piece of this design puzzle.

The overall hierarchy is categorized by building type (residential, educational, commercial, government, and religious) and similar architectural styles. Beautiful imagery does most of the storytelling, with some write-ups scattered throughout to highlight key project details.

We hope you enjoy this piece as much as we do, and can share the Ludowici experience for years to come!
New 2023 idea book
New 2023 idea book