Trusted. Timeless. Terra Cotta.

Posted On: June 9, 2015

A tagline can be a tricky thing. It needs to sum up who you are and what you do. It needs to be memorable and speak to a consumer. In the manufacturing world, there are lots of very straight forward, to-the-point taglines. They may not be pretty or clever, but they get the job done. I wanted more for Ludowici. I wanted a tagline that did everything a tagline needed to do, but with the elegance and clarity that our products deserved.

For over a century, thousands of buildings have chosen Ludowici terra cotta tile for their roofs and walls and floors. From residential homes to Ivy League universities to medical facilities to government buildings to the White House, Ludowici has been the choice for architectural terra cotta. It is trusted.

Ludowici tile is beautiful. With gorgeous colors that never fade, it has adorned buildings of all architectural styles for over a 100 years. It never goes out of style. In both its design and structure, it is timeless.

Around the factory, we refer to it as dirt. In southeastern Ohio we have good earth. From that good earth, we craft tiles which are then fired at high temperatures infusing the glaze into the tile to make gorgeous architectural terra cotta.

For us, it’s simple.

Ludowici. Trusted. Timeless. Terra Cotta.